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District Award of Merit

The purpose of this award is to recognize those Scouters who have rendered exceptional service of an outstanding nature on the district or Exploring Division level.

Selection process: This award is a Council award presented by the districts or Exploring Division, and is recognized nationally. It is the highest award given at the District level.

The award is made annually on the basis of one award for each 25 units registered within the district. The district need not award all of the awards to which it is entitled.

The nominee must be a registered adult leader, male or female, who has rendered noteworthy service to youth. The nature and value of "noteworthy service to youth" may consist of a single plan or decision that contributed vitality to the lives of a large number of youth, or it may have been given to a small group over an extended period of time. A nominee should have contributed some service to youth outside of scouting.

Consideration should be given to the nominee's position and corresponding opportunity to render outstanding service beyond the expectations of duty. Specific outstanding service must have been given within the district, normally within the past year. The nominee's attitude toward and cooperation with the district and council is to be taken into consideration.

All requirements are outlined on the nomination form which can be found at this website: . Indicate whether the nomination is from an individual person or submitted as having unit committee endorsement. In addition to the information on the form, the following information must be presented in paragraph form:

Position in Scouting

Unit Affiliation

Inclusive dates with the district

Brief history of his/her scouting background

Note: Additional attachments may be provided, though are not required, which may be helpful to evaluate the nominee. This nomination process is confidential. To avoid possible disappointment, do not inform or advise the nominee in any way of his/her nomination.

The award consists of a plaque, certificate, and an over hand knot (silver on blue) for uniform wear. 

Previous Recipients

2001 – Tina Brooks                                        2002 – Mary Simpson, David Stanley, and James Smith

2003 - Annette Tesch and Gary Boykin            2004 - Amy Griffith and Norm Belmore

2005 - Dan Hagan and Cameron Brooks          2006 - Nimer Mazzawi and George Parker

2007 - Steve Daigle and Kim Richardson         2008 - Karen Roberson and Matt Rosso

2009 - Stan Walker and Scott Johnson            2010 - Amy Shandera and Cathy Daigle

2011 - Michelle Criner and Frank Miller            2012 - Harvey Hoopes III and Winston Shearin

2013 - Victoria Mackey and Herschel Criner     2014 - Scott Furtney and Zelman Garcia

2015 - Errett Fender and Timothy Owings        2016 - Charlie Clements and Rick Nezbeth





Brian Joseph Mayo Award for Leadership

The Mayo Award is an expression from the adult Scouters, and most importantly from the youth of this district in recognizing the Cub Scout, Boy Scout, or Venture leader who has done the most to accomplish, achieve, instill, foster, and develop sound leadership in the youth of our community.

The award consists of a trophy with the figure of a Scout leader. Under the figurehead reads the inscription: "You have touched me and I have grown." Each year the name of the recipient is added to the attached plate. The award is presented to one (1) leader each year.

Criteria: Be a registered adult leader, have served for one year and be presently serving as a Cubmaster, Webelos Leader, Den Leader, Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, Venture Leader, Skipper, or Explorer Advisor. Nominee must have attended 60% of all District and Council events. Nominations shall contain the name of the nominee and a statement of qualification and other information deemed appropriate for consideration. The Awards Committee will make the selection with the executor of the Brian Joseph Mayo Award as an ex-officio committee member. 

Previous Recipients 

1998 – William "Bill" Trip T35         1999 – David Cox T215

2000 – Cynthia Kemper P197          2001 – Penny Lawrence P197

2002 – Greg Simpson P309             2003 – Dan Hagan P309

2004 – Tina Brooks T597                2005 – Randy Barker P790

2006 – Stan Walker P790               2007 – George Parker T197

2008 – Dan Joy T35                        2009 – Etta Dougherty T1438

2010 – Nimer Mizzawi T370           2011 – Steve Daigle T319

2012 – Michelle Criner P35            2013 – Carl Erlandson T597

2014 – Jason Campbell T743         2015 – David Stanley Sr. P81

2016 – Danny "DJ" Davis T879 




Kim Leighton Memorial Award

The Kim Leighton Memorial Award is presented to the recipient and retained by that individual for the following year. The recipient's name and the year of the award are engraved on a small plate that is affixed to the trophy. When the trophy is awarded the following year, the previous year's recipient is presented with a small plaque identifying the award, the year for which it was awarded, and the recipient's name. In addition to the memorial trophy, each year's recipient will be presented with a certificate for a White Oak tree that - if appropriate - will be planted on the property of the recipient's chartered organization or at another location of the recipient's choosing.

Criteria: The eligibility of the Kim Leighton Memorial Award is as follows:

 1. The nominee must be a registered Scouter in White Oak River District who has served scouting as an adult leader in any capacity for eight or more years.

2. The nominee must have rendered service to youth beyond scouting, such as in his church or community. 

3. The nominee's service as a Scouter must be distinguished by adherence to the principals of the scouting program and by consistency in dedicating his or her time and talent to the youth in the program. 

Previous Recipients

2006 – Allen Huett                       2007 – Tina Brooks 

2008 – Brian Ashford                   2009 – Barb Parker

2010 – Matt Rosso                       2011 – Frank Hart

2012 – John "Red" McKemey        2013 – David Stanley Sr.

2014 – Steve Daigle                    2015 – Norm Belmore

2016 – Timothy Owings 




Wichard “Wick” Bode Award for Training Excellence

For outstanding accomplishments in training the Scouts and Scouters of the White Oak River District. Each recipient’s superlative service in district level organization and instruction that has empowered leaders with new skills, greater confidence and deeper dedication in the delivery of the values of Scouting.

The Awards Committee will make the selection.

The recipient's name and the year of the award are engraved on a small plate that is affixed to a perpetual plaque with a White Oak Tree and . When the plaque is awarded the following year, the previous year's recipient is presented with a small plaque identifying the award, the year for which it was awarded, and the recipient's name.
Previous Recipients

2013 – Barb Parker                                  2014 – George Parker 

2015 – Michelle Criner                              2016 – Norm Belmore




Brian Ashford Award (Outstanding Commissioner)

An expression for a Commissioner in the White Oak River District for outstanding commissioner service during the past year. The award may be presented to any unit commissioner, roundtable commissioner, district, or assistant District commissioner who is now serving or has served in that position within the past year.


Onslow Award

Presented to the individual Scouter who has demonstrated true "Scouting Spirit" through his/her actions and deeds. The award consists of a plaque. 

Previous Recipients 

2002 – Kim Leighton                       2003 – Duke Quarles 

2004 – Greg & Mary Simpson           2005 – Chris Jones

2006 – Conchita Kelly                      2007 – David Stanley

2008 – Steve Daigle                        2009 – Leah Hall

2010 – Jon Harrison                        2011 – Amy Shandara

2012 – Holly Miller                          2013 – Scott Furtney

2014 – Teliah Owings                      2015 – Timothy Ward

2016 – Deb Lanham